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    Level I Tanning Bed

    Endurance Single Session: Sundash 26 Bulbs, with Face Tanners (20 minutes maximum)

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    Level II Tanning Bed

    Competition Single Session: Sundash 32 Bulbs with Face Tanners (20 minutes maximum)

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    Level III Tanning Bed

    Preformance Single Session: Sundash 40 Bulbs/Wrap Around Tan (15 minutes maximum)

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    Level IV Tanning Bed

    Stand-up Single Session: Sundash 46 Bulbs Stand-up Tan (12 minutes maximum)

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    Automated Spray Tanning

    State-of-the-art “smart booth” that delivers a hand spray quality sunless experience.

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    Professional Spray Tanning

    Spray tanning technician, Jessica Petra, has been applying spray tans since 2009.